In the winter of 2017 I decided that building a complete set of accurate SA profile keycaps to share with the community would be a worthy endeavor. Being relatively new to the hobby, I had no SA caps on which to base my designs. So, I put out a request for help on /r/mk. Reddit user /u/ARSLOCK kindly came to my aid, providing me with sample caps pulled from grab bags.

SA Comparison R1 R5I got straight to work designing an R3 100U keycap, followed by 100U keycaps for each of the remaining rows. Then... things stalled.

In the mean time, I had been developing the Switchcracker and when it went on sale I was absolutely flooded with orders overnight. Struggling to keep up with demand, the keycap project went on the back burner. There it stayed as my small business began to grow. About a year later, just as things were finally calming down and I was about to resume work on the keycaps, it was my small family that was starting to grow! Needless to say, keycaps were again relegated to the shelf.

ReDactdFinally, in the winter of 2019, I dusted off my files. With some fresh perspective, I reworked the designs a bit, making the keycaps easier to propagate into multiple widths. At first I decided I'd like to match the full set of key sizes as manufactured by Signature Plastics. However, I soon came to realize that it would probably be more useful to the community if I exceeded that, so that boards could be built in configurations not achievable with SA's offerings. 

So, after many, many hours of work I am thrilled to finally share these designs. Below you will find a file for every size keycaps SP offers, as well as a few they never did. It's my hope that these will help inspire more custom DIY builds, especially now that SLA printing is becoming so affordable. If you find these files useful, please consider buying me a coffee. Enjoy!

SizeRow 1Rows 2 & 4Row 3Row 5
100C     Center nub homing key
100D       Deep dish homing key
175S     Coming Soon   Stepped, off-center mount (like 1.25 units key)
200 Stabiliser 0.625 units left and right
200P Fits on 2 switches
225 Stabiliser 0.625 units left and right
250 Stabiliser 0.625 units left and right
275 Stabiliser 0.625 units left and right
300 Stabiliser 1 unit left and right
400       Stabiliser 1.5 units left and right
450       Stabiliser 1.82 units left and right
600O       Offset stabilizers for Cherry G80-1800 layouts
625       Cherry, Filco and Leopold
700       Stabiliser 3 units left and right, 2.25 units right
800       Stabiliser 3.5 units left and right
900       Stabiliser 3.5 units left and right
2X2     Coming Soon   Stabiliser 0.625 units left and right in one row
JRET     Coming Soon   ISO-Return (1.5x2x1.25)

Row 5 (space bars) are the same as Row 3 but with a convex top.

Rows 2 and 4 are identical, simply flipped 180 degrees.

Highlighted cells denote original SP sizes.