SiCK-68 Case

SiCK-68 Case

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We've partnered with designer Fedor Sosnin (/u/Fuze911) to bring the entire line of SiCK board designs to you!

The SiCK-68 is a custom mechanical keyboard built from scratch without the price tag often associated with one.

Designed to be as low cost as possible, “SiCK” stands for Super, Inexpensive, Cheap, Keyboard. The result is a great keyboard that is functional, good looking, as well as fully customizable with the help of EasyAVR or similar software. The Tada68 layout is the perfect mixture of a compact design and a functional layout without much compromise. If you like the sound of that, let the fun begin!

To complete your build, you will need:

  • 1N4148 Diodes (70)
  • Costar Stabilizers (1 x 6.25u, 3 x 2u)
  • Microcontroller - Teensy 2.0 or Pro Micro
  • 6-32x 1/2” Flat Head, Countersunk, Machine Screw (12) (We have these on order, but shipping has been delayed due to the pandemic. We hope to have them before June.)
  • Self Adhesive Rubber Feet (8)
  • Switches (70)
  • Keycaps

Check out the full details and build in the original post on Thingiverse.

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