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USB Port Covers for HHKB Pro 2

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-25%$9.19$6.89 each

These simple covers conceal the rear USB ports on your HHKB Pro 2.

  • Fits both stock or Hasu-converted boards (USB and Bluetooth)
  • Sold in sets of three (one extra in case of accidental loss)
  • Available in black and white, solid and windowed (Bluetooth) versions. The black is slighly darker than HHKB case. The off-white is not perfect, but a very close color match to white HHKB.
  • All-new design with tapered face and snug press-fit.

Please note that because of their small size, these items are shipped USPS First Class Flat, which is not eligible for tracking. Delivery to ConUS addresses is typically 3-5 business days.

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