Elite-C v4 ATmega32U4 Microcontroller

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Differences to the Pro Micro


  • The USB port is now USB type C mid-mount, which is both through-hole and SMD mounted. It should be tougher and not as easily torn off as the USB micro B port on the original Pro Micro.
  • The RAW pin on the Pro Micro has been replaced with PB0.
  • The bootloader is DFU.
  • The silk-screened print on the board lists the actual ATmega32U4 port and bit numbers, not Arduino numbering.


  • Five additional I/O pins are exposed on the short edge. (PBO replaces the old RAW pin, for a total of six new I/O pins, making the total 24 out of the ATmega32U4's 26)
  • There are also holes for the USB port, for an external USB breakout board.
  • There is now an additional VBUS pin above pin B0, allowing for easier connection of external USB ports.
  • A physical reset button.


  • No indicator LEDs. The pins are instead available.
  • It has no voltage regulator and runs only on +5V.


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