Switch Film for MX Switches

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$10.34 each

Improve the sound of every click!

These switch films for Cherry MX-style switches take up the slack between the two halves of the switch case. This increased rigidity deepens the sound of the switches. It's a subtle change, but if you're going the extra mile to get the most from your switches, you'll need these!

  • Each sheet includes 114 individual stickers—plenty of extras even for full-size boards!
  • Cut from genuine Oracal 651 vinyl.
  • The thickness of the material is 2.5mil (0.0635mm).
  • Our own design, these stickers are CAD drawn and cut, ensuring perfect fit.
  • Fits Cherry MX and clones only. Does not fit Kaihl BOX, Alps/Matias, or Choc switches.

Please note: I have started shipping the sheets with the center (unused) portion of the decal still in place. This helps protect the delicate sides of the decal from damage during shipping.

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