DM 5x6 OLED - Glitter Black / Orange

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Make it a complete kit!

Add these items to your cart to make your case into a ready-to-build kit:

Dactyl Manuform Hardware KitDactyl Manuform Hardware Kit

Be sure to choose controllers (and hotswap sockets if the case has hotswap mounts.)

Gateron CJ SwitchesGateron MX Switches

Linear, tactile, or clicky, we have many styles to choose from.

DSA PBT in Rainbow of ColorsDSA Blank Keycaps

More than 20 colors available!

OLED Display front and back viewsOLED Screens

For cases with OLED mounts. Easy snap-in fitment.

Please note the required number of switches/keycaps for each case format:

  • 4x5 = 46 Switches and Keycaps
  • 4x6 = 52 Switches and Keycaps
  • 5x6 = 64 Switches and Keycaps
  • 6x6 = 76 Switches and Keycaps
  • 6x7 = 86 Switches and Keycaps

We do not yet carry trackballs and sensors for trackball compatible cases.

You can find the needed components here:


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