SiCK-60 Case in purple and yellow

SiCK-60 Case

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We've partnered with designer Fedor Sosnin (/u/Fuze911) to bring the entire line of SiCK board designs to you!

Following up on the SiCK-68 keyboard, the SiCK-60 is an more compact 60% option with the ability to use a wide variety of inexpensive PCBs as well as a version that can be handwired.

Designed to be as low cost as possible, “SiCK” stands for Super, Inexpensive, Cheap, Keyboard. The result is a great keyboard that is functional, good looking, as well as fully customizable with the help of EasyAVR or similar software. It's the perfect mixture of a compact design and a functional layout. If you like the sound of that, let the fun begin!

To complete your build, you will need:

  • 1N4148 Diodes (70)
  • Costar Stabilizers (1 x 6.25u, 3 x 2u)
  • Microcontroller - Teensy 2.0 or Pro Micro
  • 6-32x 1/2” Flat Head, Countersunk, Machine Screw (12) (We have these on order, but shipping has been delayed due to the pandemic. We hope to have them before June.)
  • Self Adhesive Rubber Feet (8)
  • Switches (70)
  • Keycaps

Check out the full details and build in the original SiCK-68 post on Thingiverse.

Check out the SiCK-60 on Thingiverse.

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