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Big Caps group photo with normal and large switches for size comparison.
Big Caps group photo with normal and large switches for size comparison.Big Cap in red with "PANIC" legend.Bottom of white Big Cap and red Big Cap installed on Big Switch.

Big Caps

$35.00 each
Row Profile


Giant 3D printed SA profile keycaps for your Novelkeys Big Switch

Need a massive, hefty keycap sitting atop your NovelKeys Big Switch? You're in the right place! 

Choose your row profile and main color, then specify your custom legend! Legends can be up to two lines, with five characters per line.

Each Big Cap is custom made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for production.

Filament Gallery

Black Marble PLA Filament
Black Metallic PLA Filament
Silver Metallic PLA Filament
Vintage Off-White PLA+ Filament
White Marble PLA Filament
White PLA Filament
Clear/Translucent PLA Filament
Purple Metallic PLA Filament
Pink PLA Filament
Red Translucent PETG Filament
Red PLA Filament
Copper Metallic PLA Filament
Orange PLA Filament
Yellow Metallic PLA Filament
Green Metallic PLA Filament
Green PLA Filament
Blue Metallic PLA Filament
Navy Blue PLA Filament
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