Sofle "Vektor" Case

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$55.19 each


Our own design, the DIYK Vektor Case fits the Sofle PCB like a glove.

We had a few goals in mind with this design:

  • First and foremost, every component must fit perfectly inside.
  • It should remain compact for easy travel.
  • It has to be attractive, with a two-piece design to allow for creative color combinations.
  • Finally, it should include removable tenting stands.

The end result speaks for itself. Not only does everyhting look tight and tidy, but the design plays off the shape of the PCB itself.

The 8-degree tenting stands hold the keyboard securely, while adding to the overall look by extending the lines of the case seamlessly downward. Printed in transparent filament, the stands really let the underglow LEDs shine. 

When ordering the Primary Color will be used for the top of the case, Accent Color for the bottom. The tenting stand will be printed in Transparent, though you are welcome to request another color in the order notes at checkout.

Case includes top and bottom halves, tenting riser, 16 rubber feet, and hardware. PCB sold separately.

Choose your colors.

Each case is made to order, so you can select your favorite colors from our huge selection of filaments.

  • Primary Color: This is the color of your Main Cases
  • Accent Color: This is the color of your Bottom Plates
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