Kailh Hotswap PCB Sockets (10pcs)

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These Kailh Hotswap PCB Sockets will allow you to quickly change switches on your keyboard.

Sold in quantities of 10. One socket required per switch.

Please note that these sockets require a PCB specifically designed for them. (Most PCBs do not have pads for hotswap sockets, but it's becoming more common.)  They work great for hand-wired projects.


  • Compatible with Cherry MX style switches, including Kailh BOX varieties
  • Rating voltage: 12V AC/DC (maximum) and 2V AC (minimum)
  • Rating current: 10mA AC/DC (maximum) and 10μA DC (minimum)
  • Contact resistance: 200mΩ (maximum)
  • Insulation resistance: 100mΩ (minimum) (100V DC)
  • Withstand Voltage: AC100V(50-60Hz)
  • Motion Force: 3.0kgf max
  • Operating Life: 100 Cycles (can replace switches 100 times)


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